For advisory tasks:

On the foundation of more than 25 year of experience in the most varied cultural projects and organisations
I am helping to develop visions, brainstorm projects, improve or manage creative developments in various special areas: 

  • Cultural Program Planning for concert series and education projects
  • Orchestra Touring Management
  • Festival / Orchestra Management – Consulting
  • Fundraising and Collaboration Concepts
  • Corporate Cultural Structure – Development, Optimisation, Management
  • Mission and Vision Development 
  • Real Estate Development for the Arts – Operating Concepts


my work is characterised by innovation and the constant building of bridges between creative ideas and people and society.
Reaching and enriching ever new audiences of all generations in a society of extreme evolution in order to preserve our global cultural values is one of the central challenges of our time. This goal can only succeed through creative efficient education and the art of science.

Effective communication and convincing mediation of creativity and the arts and its inherent values, will remain a cornerstone of our “culture of community”.


Through my global experience as a flexible and versatile cultural project manager, I can initiate, coordinate, link, implement tasks, as well as design ideas and visions, support projects operationally, master challenges creatively and network them with innovation and success. 

25 years of experience in different continents and cultures are a privilege, which has brought me versatility and flexibility as my expertise.