Collaborations with some of the greatest Artists of our time

„Without any doubt, he is one of the most gifted young people in the world of music administration and intentional coordinating activites. His education, working experience and natural instrincts in the best sense for working with varieties of people and egos is consistenty at the top level.“ (2000)

Isaac Stern Violinist President of Carnegie Hall, NY

Bader „managed the extensive negotiations with multiple parties across continents with exquisite sensitivity to the complexities of the collaboration – and a sense of humor that smoothened the inevitable rough edges.“
He „guided all the parties (seven, ultimately) to agreement on contractual matters, while simultaneously helping everyone plan and execute concert logisics, repertoire, marketing and communications as well.“ (2019)

Ryan Fleur, Exec. Director, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Uli Bader„….would be a tremendous asset for any insitution in the arts. His deep knowledge of music and of the arts in general, his vast experience in  creating innovative concepts and building wonderful projects against enormous odds…… and his charming personality are all attributes which would add great value to any top institution. (2018)

David Gallagher Ambassador of Chile in the UK Member of Advisory Board of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Memeber of Solomon Guggenheim Collection Board of Trustees

„Mr. Bader has develped with vision and courage an elaborate concept and plan of activities in both, artistic programming and educational activities. …..the inauguration of Teatro del Lago was a very successful national event of high visibility…..his job included the creation of a group of professionals to secure a well running organisation, to realize the project´s vision, that Teatro del Lago sould be one of South America´s leading Arts and Education Centers. Mr. Bader has mastered challenges with very creative solutions and on high quality level.“ (2016)

Fabian von Brocke, Board of Directors Transoceanica / Teatro del Lago - Chile

Bader`s management „is of a rare quality, found only in a small percentage of people“, he „demonstrates a very high degree of expertise an serves as a model of excellence or coach to others…“, he „compares with the best the company has seen. Quality of work is superior.“ (2005)

Rita Shapiro General Manager, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, D.C.

„He is the key that unlocks the door to innovateiveness and tradition.“ (2000)

Leonard Slatkin, Music Director, National Symphony Orchestra Washington, D.C.